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These competitions are offered as a way for the contestants to show who they are outside of the required 3 competitions. They are NOT mandatory; however, highly encouraged. They will have a separate panel of judges and no bearing on the overall competition.

They will be judged via Nation 1  & Nation 2 



It's your time to shine! Showcase your special talent in a two-minute performance for your chance to win the State Talent award. One winner per nation. ($75 fee, Maximum 2 entries)  

Casual Wear:

Showcase your favorite casual outfit by modeling for the judges during the Casual Wear Modeling competition. Judging will be based on overall appearance and modeling ability. Outfits must be age appropriate. One winner per nation. ($75 fee, Maximum Entries: 2)

Fitness Wear:

Let's get physical! This is your chance to walk the runway in your favorite fitness or sportswear outfit! The Fitness Optional will be all delegates. Outfits can be t-shirt, tank tops or tasteful sports bra with full length or 3/4 leggings and sneakers; no swimwear. This is based on their personal style of Fitness Wear.  Make sure it is Age Appropriate  and no revealing parts.  Remember this is about being fit.  One winner per nation ($50 fee, Maximum Entries: 1)

Walk in Faith:

Show us how you walk in style! This is your chance to show your creativity by decorating a pair of shoes! The shoes will be available for everyone to view during our "Walk in Faith" kickoff party! The shoes will be judged on the creativity of the decorations, not the style of shoe or the size. One winner per Nation ($50 fee, Maximum Entries: 2)


Are you photogenic? Submit your headshot photo and be judged on overall look, confidence, and personality. All photos should be submitted at registration. Please label all photos on the back with your name and age division. Any photos mailed/emailed will not be accepted. One winner per nation. ($50 fee, Maximum Entries: 3)


Showcase your versatility and glamorous side through print with this optional. Our judges are looking for someone who exemplifies versatility, style, confidence, and personality through photo quality. Your portfolio should contain a minimum of 5 photos, and no more than 10 and should be age appropriate. They should be presented in a three-ring binder or professional portfolio with each photograph inserted in a protective cover. No loose photos will be accepted. One winner per nation. (Fee $50, Maximum Entires: 1)

Role Model:

Love to be out in your community? This competition allows for you to show the judges your community service activities and involvement, academic achievements and mentoring activities. Your Role Model submission should be in a scrapbook/binder and should contain pictures and descriptions of the activity/appearance that you completed. One winner per nation. ($75 Fee, Max Entries: 1)


Is your aspiration to become a writer? Submit your 500 words or less synopsis for your children's book; including title, characters, and moral. One winner per nation.  ($50 fee, Maximum Entries: 3)


Now is your chance to tell the judges what you are passionate about. This optional will be submitted via video, up to a max of 120 seconds. Attire should be age and topic appropriate. One winner per nation. ($50 fee, Maximum Entries: 2)

Non-Performing Talent:

Do you have a talent that cannot be performed on the National Stage? If so, this is the optional for you! You can submit your 2-minute, non-stage performing talent video for it to be judged for the opportunity to win the Non-Performing Talent award! One winner per nation. ($50 fee, Maximum Entires: 2)

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